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Jobs and Economic Development

A vast majority of our economy is attributable to STEM.

STEM supports two-thirds of U.S. jobs (67 percent), 69 percent of U.S. GDP and $2.3 trillion in annual federal tax revenue. It’s important to know that this workforce is not only composed of coders and Ph.D. scientists, but also includes STEM professionals working in occupations that do not require a bachelor’s degree. Chicago has the talent, diversity, affordability and infrastructure to be the leading tech hub in the nation.

We can create the Silicon Valley of the Midwest by launching a new tech ecosystem with vocational/technical education to develop a world-class workforce that is ready for the opportunities of the future.

  • As Mayor, Sophia will work to attract jobs to Chicago and ensure that Chicagoans are ready for the opportunities ahead. Our best champion for Chicago as a destination for growing businesses, Sophia knows what it takes to create better jobs and help local businesses thrive.
  • Chicago can lead the region in job creation and workforce development with a focus on lifting working families and building strong communities. Sophia understands that STEM jobs accounts for two-thirds of the U.S. workforce and the need to sustain STEM workers is vital to our economy.
  • Chicago is known for some of the finest four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. and as Mayor Sophia will create a Chicago Tech Talent Alliance including leaders within the tech industry, K-12, university, and community stakeholders to identify solutions that help our brightest young people grow their talents and build their futures right here at home.
  • The Chicago Tech Talent Alliance will also partner with schools to expand internships in STEM fields to students in the most underserved areas and encourage coding and computer science education.
  • As Mayor, Sophia will galvanize the business community to create, retain, and support TECH talent. She will also work with the business community on priorities for a thriving downtown to attract new investment to the city.

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