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Education and Youth

Investing in public education is the most important thing we can do to secure the future of Chicago.

We must use our tax dollars to create a public education system that helps every child reach their full potential regardless of the zip code in which they live.

Developing joint partnerships that are focused on supporting disengaged youth and dismantling education issues from cradle to career, including tech education K-12, student internships and job training, and coordination with technical colleges is critical to Chicago’s success.

  • Allocate investments for CPS to build curricular and co-curricular programming dedicated to STEM.
  • Create more opportunities for youth to engage outside of schools.
  • Launch dedicated STEM schools to elevate trade and technical education to offer students who may not choose college a chance to obtain high paying skilled jobs.
  • Increase and expand apprenticeships in the High Schools for trades, tech and STEM jobs beyond the summer to include the complete school year creating a pathway to union membership and living wage jobs.
  • Foster a spirit of partnership between the City and CPS. As Mayor, Sophia will build coalitions and convene a CPS/Mayor’s Office Task Force to ensure that the City does all it can to support our schools.
  • Expand Selective Enrollment schools with strong neighborhood components.
  • Collaborate with our business community to create and expand programming that will provide meaningful internship and mentoring opportunities for our youth. Sophia will focus on retention by creating affordable housing in school zones and providing housing subsidies for teachers and public safety employees so that they can live in the communities they serve.

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