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Meet Sophia King

Sophia King’s story is Chicago’s story. Like so many Chicagoans, her parents came to our great city seeking opportunity and a better way of life.

Before moving to Chicago almost 35 years ago, Sophia grew up in Evanston, Illinois.

Her family hails from Mississippi, so as a child and young adult, she spent considerable time in the state. After her parents were extended the opportunity to attend Northwestern University in Evanston, the family relocated to the Chicago area. By example, her parents’ path demonstrated the value of education, hard work and how the power of opportunity can impact one’s life trajectory.


As she matured, Sophia never disconnected from her roots or from those who instilled the value of family and of relationships, and she came to appreciate that a happy life is not defined by monetary accomplishments.

These values took root during a diverse upbringing which included attending schools in Evanston, Illinois and in Jackson, Mississippi, and through spending summers in the Mississippi Delta. Sophia went to school in diverse classrooms in the North, and by contrast saw Klansmen wearing white sheets from her school bus in the South.


Her mantra and life-lessons are:

that happiness should be the true barometer of one’s success; to judge people by the content of their character; that everyone puts their pants on, one leg at a time.


As a result, Sophia has served her community over the years in a variety of capacities, particularly as an advocate for parity in opportunity and resources.

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